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Vaporificio has been the first brand ever to introduce e-liquids crafted with real tobacco extracts to the vaping industry and to create a natural alternative to synthetic flavors.

In January 2012, during a very cold Friday, Fabrizio Fontana and his father Romualdo had a crucial idea: they decided to develop extraction techniques to create natural e-liquids with real tobacco leaves.

Both of them are graduate chemists and experts in organic chemistry, and they used their knowledge and experience to research different methods until they found the perfect one to extract tobacco flavors without compromising on their organoleptic quality.

Out of this experiment came the first Vaporificio tobacco e-juice!


A team of tobacco manufacture experts joined the Vaporificio family to ensure top-notch results and the first e-liquids flavored with the most aromatic and iconic tobacco varieties were produced.

Today Vaporificio teamed up with a professional flavorist expert in vaping to reinvent its original recipes and renew its e-liquid range with two new product lines: N° 1.12, born as a tribute to that fateful January day in 2012, and The One, created with Zio Svapo, the famous Italian blogger in love with Latakia tobacco.